An excellent book, The World is Flat – A Brief History of the Twenty First Century, by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, which discusses the factors causing the “flattening” of the world’s economy. The development and deployment of information technology infrastructure has eliminated distance as a barrier to serving customers. The adoption of the use of the Internet by individuals and businesses to help them accomplish tasks more efficiently. Now individuals, rather than governments or corporations, are the agents of change, empowered by e-mail, computers, teleconferencing, and production networks, all of which are drawing more and more people around the world into competition and cooperation on an equal footing. Making money online in the flatten world is an opportunity for individuals success. An individual is possible to earn an unlimited potential income, without leaving your home, and without investing one single penny to start. Experience financial freedom and a life with no financial worries.

Making money online is not much different than making money offline. People has been promoting other peoples’ products in exchange of a commission for many years. In fact, the online approach help individuals and businesses to accomplish tasks more efficiently. Internet has flatten the world and the world just a single-click away from your desktop.

According to the Internet World Stats, the world internet penetration rate in year 2009 is 1,802,330,457. And it is still growing in a rocket speed.

You see the potential market size? You don’t need to be a giant corporations to deal with the world now. You, who might used to be a NOBODY, can deal with one third of the world population by just bring yourself ONLINE – The Flatten World!

This has created a big wealth to many peoples and it was once known as being a “middle-man” and it is still known as being an “affiliate”. You can promote any type of product as an affiliate (from ClickBank, PayDotCom, CJ, LinkShare, and etc.) or any CPA (Cost-Per-Action) offer in virtually any niche market. The process of “sending people to your offer” is known as generating “traffic” to a website, affiliate link, blog, article and etc.

You have to find a market that has high demand, and fill that demand.

Here are some HOT niches that convert very well:

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Auto Loans

Making money online is just not that hard! A few simple techniques could even lead a six years old child to make money by the end of the week. You don’t need any special internet knowledge, or to be some kind of programming expert. The simple truth of it is, ripping down money from the internet is not tougher that the stuff you do everyday in a regular job.

There is no magic on making money online. The 3 crucial winning formulas are:


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