is a quality-oriented social influencer marketplace that connects marketers with vetted social media influencers. In recent years an overwhelming growth of social influencer marketing campaigns created by lean entrepreneurs, brands, businesses and organizations became hungry of a central trading space and that is why set stage. It ha made life easier for marketers and influencers.

Our marketplace was born from a pain marketers and influencers were experiencing. Before marketers needed to find and contact influencers one by one and negotiatie with every one of them. Influencers looking to monetize had to contact potential marketers directly with unsolicited messages. And making an advertising campaign just to find a marketer match was not a profitable investment for influencers. is efficient and safe for marketers serving as a one-stop-shop for vetted influencers and the guarantee that they will get what they pay for. Influal is convenient and profitable for influencers by getting exposure to potential marketer matches that potentially create them a steady stream of income.